Flying Without a Net: Turn Fear of Change into Fuel for Success

by Thomas J. DeLong
(Harvard Business Review Press)

DeLong, the Philip J. Stomberg Professor of Management Practice, lays out the roots of high achievers’ anxiety (fear of being wrong, lack of a sense of purpose, and a craving for human connection); the destructive behaviors they adopt to relieve their anxiety (busyness, comparing themselves to others, and blaming others for their frustrations); and the behaviors they must adopt to gain strength from vulnerability (putting the past behind them and seeking honest feedback).

The Economics of Crime: Lessons for and from Latin America

edited by Rafael Di Tella, Sebastian Edwards, and Ernesto Schargrodsky
(University of Chicago Press)

Although crime rates in Latin America are among the highest in the world, systematic studies of crime in the region and the effectiveness of anticrime policies have been lacking till now. Di Tella, the Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, and his coauthors address these topics and others, including the impact of mandatory arrest laws, education in prisons, and the relationship between poverty and crime. The book also presents research from outside Latin America, illustrating the broad range of approaches that have been fruitful in studying crime in developed nations.

The People’s Republic of China at 60: An International Assessment

edited by William C. Kirby
(Harvard University Asia Center)

In 2009, to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, Harvard’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies convened a major conference to consider this question: After three decades of internal turmoil, followed by an era of reform, entrepreneurialism, and internationalization, is the PRC in for the dynastic long haul? The essays in this bilingual volume discuss this question in four interrelated themes: polities, social transformations, wealth and well-being, and culture, belief, and practice.

The Fund Industry: How Your Money Is Managed

by Robert Pozen and Theresa Hamacher
(Wiley Finance)

Senior Lecturer Robert Pozen and his coauthor detail how mutual funds are marketed, regulated, and invested in stocks and bonds. They describe the critical factors needed to choose a specific fund, including what to look for when reading prospectuses, shareholder reports, and third-party reviews. The authors discuss the spread of mutual funds to Asia, Europe, and Latin America; compare them with other investment vehicles like hedge funds; and show how to sort mutual funds by categories and subcategories based on security type and investment objective.

Moving Forward: The Future of Consumer Credit and Mortgage Finance

edited by Nicolas P. Retsinas and Eric S. Belsky
(Brookings Institution Press)

This book explores what caused the mortgage crisis and focuses on the future. The challenge remains the same: protect consumers, ensure fairness, and guarantee the financial system’s soundness without stifling innovation and overly restricting access to credit and consumer choice. Senior Lecturer Retsinas and his coauthors aim to stimulate debate based on their analysis of the opportunities and challenges of the components of global capital markets.


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