01 Sep 2011

Every Gift Counts


Class of 1961

Smashing the 50th Reunion participation record and their own dollar goal, the class raised an impressive $11.8 million, with 77 percent of the class contributing. Reunion Gift Cochairs Frank Klapperich and Warren McFarlan, Participation Chair Roger Hauck, and Planned Giving Chair Perry Driggs reached out to every member of the class, ensuring that the class’s support will have a lasting impact on global activities and other key needs at the School.

Class of 1991

The 20th Reunion gift campaign, led by Paige Arnof-Fenn, Philip Bilden, Rich Coppola, Paul Hsi, Alex Navab, and Paul Salem, continued to set the pace for 20th Reunion classes by raising more than $3 million, with 64 percent participation. The big story, though, came from Sections A and F—both of which achieved 100 percent participation! With Section F the first to claim victory, friendly competition among the sections has set the stage for a rousing rematch in 2016.

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1991, Section F
Class of MBA 1991, Section A
Class of MBA 1991, Section H
Class of MBA 1991, Section E
Class of MBA 1961, Section G
Class of MBA 1961, Section F
Roger Hauck
Class of MBA 1961, Section D
Class of MBA 1961, Section B
Class of MBA 1991, Section E
Class of MBA 1991, Section B

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