Faculty Q&A with Professors Noam Wasserman

When Noam Wasserman (MBA 1999) spent his MBA summer internship working for a VC firm, he observed important universalities in the decisions that founders faced. He also saw that the “fundamental implications of those decisions were getting the start-ups into trouble down the road.” More

Case Study: Good as Our Word

For most of the 20th century, three bond ratings agencies—Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s—controlled 97 percent of the credit ratings market. The status quo was disrupted, however, by the 2008 global economic recession, an event that the Big Three contributed to by giving overly optimistic ratings to highly complex and opaque mortgage- and asset-backed securities. More

Faculty Opinion with Gary P. Pisano

Following up on his pledge to provide greater support for manufacturing, President Obama has announced a proposal to cut the effective tax rate for manufacturers to 25 percent. More

Faculty Research Online

HBS Working Knowledge offers a first look at new thinking from HBS faculty. More

Faculty Books


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