Fighting Poverty Together: Rethinking Strategies for Business, Governments, and Civil Society to Reduce Poverty

by Aneel Karnani (DBA 1981)
(Palgrave Macmillan)

Karnani demonstrates what is wrong with current approaches to reducing poverty and proposes an eclectic solution in which business, government, and civil society all focus on the poor as producers. The main emphasis must be, he says, on creating employment opportunities for the poor and increasing their productive capacities by ensuring basic public services.

What the U.S. Can Learn from China: An Open-Minded Guide to Treating Our Greatest Competitor as Our Greatest Teacher

by Ann Lee (MBA 1995)
(Berrett-Koehler Publishers)

Fully aware of China’s shortcomings, particularly in human rights, Lee details the policies and practices—in areas ranging from education and governance to foreign aid—that have made China a global power. She discusses how the United States can reformulate some of these ideas from China to foster much-needed change at home.

Understanding Michael Porter: The Essential Guide to Competition and Strategy

by Joan Magretta (MBA 1983)
(Harvard Business Review Press)

Competitive advantage, the value chain, five forces, differentiation—Professor Porter’s conceptual frameworks are the foundation for understanding how companies achieve and sustain competitive success. A senior associate at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at HBS, Magretta provides a clear and accessible summary of Porter’s thinking, translating his insights into practice and correcting the most common misconceptions about them.

Guide to Managing Growth: Turning Success into Even Bigger Success

by Rupert Merson (PMD 71, 1996)

Successful growth requires careful attention to the robustness of organizational structures and systems as well as reconciling the varying speeds at which divisions within a company may develop. Merson explores these different aspects of growth and outlines strategies and tactics to enable businesses to move forward to a bigger, more successful future.

Standing on the Sun: How the Explosion of Capitalism Abroad Will Change Business Everywhere

by Christopher Meyer (MBA 1974) with Julia Kirby
(Harvard Business Review Press)

The advanced economies that in 2000 consumed 75 percent of the world’s output will consume just 32 percent by 2050, while the emerging economies of Brazil, India, China, and others will grow rapidly. The authors predict probable new principles for commercial success, among them that an obsession with return on equity will give way to more broad-based measurements of success, and that Adam Smith’s invisible hand of the market will be redeemed by the “invisible handshake” of collaborative networks.

The Secret of Teams: What Great Teams Know and Do

by Mark Miller (AMP 170, 2006 )
(Berrett-Koehler Publishers)

What is the secret of high-performance teams? Miller tells a business fable about a newly promoted manager struggling to take her new team to the next level. She learns from three different organizations—US Special Forces, NASCAR, and a local restaurant—that all successful teams have three elements in common. Miller discusses how to change entrenched ways of thinking and acting, what to do to optimize each of the three elements of a successful team, how to measure progress, and more.

The Virtual Manager: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Hiring, Managing, Motivating, and Engaging Mobile Employees

by Kevin Sheridan (MBA 1988)
(Career Press)

As more and more jobs can be performed from home, managers must learn how to adapt their leadership style to accommodate mobile employees. This book arms managers with the knowledge they need to become more effective virtual leaders, giving advice on what actions to take to increase far-flung employees’ dedication and engagement, develop or alter policies and procedures to fit the needs of mobile employees, and improve business outcomes through a flexible work strategy.

More Alumni Books

The New Legions: American Strategy and the Responsibility of Power

by Edward B. Atkeson (AMP 64, 1972)
((Rowman and Littlefield))

5 Fabulous Business Fables

by A. Hamilton Augenblecq, illustrated by J. Lyon (MBA '75)
((Amazon Digital Services))

Frank Batten: The Untold Story of the Founder of the Weather Channel

by Connie M. Sage
((University of Virginia Press))

Smarter Branding without Breaking the Bank: Five Proven Marketing Strategies You Can Use Right Now to Build Your Business at Little or No Cost

by Brenda Bence (MBA '91)
((Global Insight Communications))

For the Best, You Need Nothing: All You Need Is You

by Gian Carlo Bina (PMD 23, 1972)
((Bryce Cullen Publishing))

Good People Bad Credit: Understanding Personality and the Credit Process to Avoid Financial Ruin

by Ed Morler, Robert Booth (AMP 63, 1972), and David Wayne Brown
((Sanai Publishing))

The Change Maker: Preserving the Challenge of America

by Al Checchi (MBA ’74)
((Open Road Integrated Media LLC))

Outsourcing Murder

Maddi Davidson (MBA 1980)

Marketing: A Primer for Business Executives

Giri Dua and Donald Grunewald (MBA '59)
((North American Business Press))

Inside Luxury: The Growth and Future of the Luxury Goods Industry

by Maria Eugenia Giron
((LID Publishing))

The Exile: Journey from Life to Death

by Ro Kong Kyun (MBA 1959)
((Eloquent Books))

Dead Wrong: and Other Episodes from a Life in Medicine

by Tom McConnell (OPM 18, 1992)

Until Brazil (novel)

by Bethe Lee Moulton (MBA ’78)
((The Glide Press))

San Diego’s Judge Mayor: How Murphy’s Law Blindsided Leadership with 2020 Vision

by Dick Murphy (MBA ’67)
((Sunbelt Publications))

Green Products: Perspectives on Innovation and Adoption

edited by João Neiva de Figueiredo (MBA ’87) and Mauro F. Guillén
(Productivity Press (Taylor and Francis))

Put Your Mindset to Work: The One Asset You Really Need to Win and Keep the Job You Love

by James Reed (MBA 1990) and Paul G. Stolz
((Portfolio Trade))

Building a Magnetic Culture: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent to Create an Engaged, Productive Workforce

by Kevin Sheridan (MBA ’88)

Finding a Path: Stories from My Life

by Harry W. Strachan (DBA ’72)
((iUniverse Publishing))

Scooter: The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Story

by Tommy H. Thomason (MBA '70)
((Crecy Publishing))

Fables of Fortune: What Rich People Have That You Don’t Want

by Richard Watts (OPM 31, 2002)
((Emerald Book Company))

Nude Nuns and Other Peculiar People: A Collection of Stories from the Heartland

by Charles A. Wells Jr.
((CreateSpace) )

What You Need to Know about Strategy

by Jo Whitehead

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