17 May 2019

Putting Value on Diversity, Inclusion, and Leadership

Reflections on a lifetime of teaching and mentoring


David Thomas is president of Morehouse College and the former H. Naylor Fitzhugh Professor of Business Administration at HBS. In this interview he reflects on his legacy as a mentor and teacher.

“The most important way I think that I have made a difference is the effort that I've put into developing junior faculty who are in the generations behind me. Young faculty who come up and connect me to what they're doing, either as a role model or because they're the protégés of someone who was my protégé.

“And when I think about how you have impact in powerful ways, it's really by helping other people grow into the role of having an impact that you value. I think my legacy will be a legacy of developing people in this field who really want to make a difference and who value diversity and inclusion and think leadership matters in the world.”

(Published May 2019)


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