10 Nov 2018

The 71-Year-Old Ultramarathoner

How Eric Spector gets ready for the long run


Photo by Ramin Rahimian for the Wall Street Journal

Ultramarathoner Eric Spector (MBA 1972) got a late start on the sport. As detailed in a recent Wall Street Journal article, Spector started running while living in Manhattan, competing in his first New York City Marathon in 1979, but didn’t try his first ultramarathon—which is anything greater than the standard 26.2 miles—until he was 60 years old. After showing up without training, he notes that his first experience was a good lesson. “I paid for my lack of preparation, but made it to the end,” he told the WSJ. “Ignorant grit can get you through a 50K but I knew if I wanted to run 100 miles, it was a whole other ballgame.”

Much of the article details Spector’s extensive workout routine, which includes a focus on balance and ankle strength. There are also some long runs, of course, as well as some swimming and upper body workouts. The diet is specific, too, but there are some cheats:

Breakfast is typically coffee and nonfat yogurt or nonfat cottage cheese, topped with berries and sprouted sunflower seeds. He avoids meat. Wild-caught fish, salads and healthy fats like avocado and nuts comprise lunch and dinner. “My long runs are an excuse to indulge my bad food habits,” he jokes. He carb-loads with pasta, bread, cookies and cheese, and will have a Guinness after his weekly group runs.


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