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Reducing Risk with Online Advertising

Fraud is fairly easy in the world of online advertising, particularly for determined adversaries. In this Q&A, Assistant Professor Ben Edelman, who designs electronic markets, explains how contract terms can be managed to both reduce advertisers’ risks of being defrauded and reward good suppliers. Visit

Where Will Management Innovation Take Us?

Management could change a lot in the coming years, says HBS professor emeritus Jim Heskett. A few reasons: continued development of the Internet and the transparency and communities it has spawned, and new attitudes toward work. But will innovation in management be confined mostly to entrepreneurs? Visit

Encouraging Entrepreneurs: Lessons for Government Policy

Who you know and how much money is in your pocket have always been significant contributors to entrepreneurial success. New research by Assistant Professor Ramana Nanda explores new wrinkles in this age-old formula — and how government policy may affect entrepreneurship. Visit

Marketing Your Way through a Recession

In a recession, consumers become value-oriented, distributors are concerned about cash, and employees worry about their jobs. But a downturn is no time to stop spending on marketing. The key, according to Professor John Quelch, is to understand how the needs of your customers and partners change, and adapt your strategies to the new reality. Visit


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