07 Nov 2018

The Results Are (Mostly) In

Alumni top the tickets in mid-term races across the country


Mitt Romney (MBA 1974)
(photo by Gage Skidmore)

Congratulations to all the HBS alumni who ran for seats in November’s midterm elections, including those listed below who are celebrating victories. (A few other races were still too close to call after election day.)

US Senate

  • Mitt Romney (MBA 1974), the former governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Republican presidential nominee, won the Utah seat previously held by retiring Senator Orrin Hatch.
  • Businessman Mike Braun (MBA 1978) defeated a Democratic incumbent in Indiana’s hotly contested battleground Senate race.

US House of Representatives

  • A former marine who served four tours in Iraq, Seth Moulton (MBA 2011) won his bid for re-election to the Massachusetts Sixth Congressional District, a seat he has held since 2014.
  • Lori Trahan (AMP 185, 2013) clinched the general election for the Massachusetts Third Congressional District after winning a primary contest against a crowded field of nine other Democratic candidates.
  • A former Marine and member of the Texas House of Representatives and State Senate, Van Taylor (MBA 2001) will be heading to DC to represent Texas’s Third Congressional District.

Taylor and Moulton were also two of 17 veterans who won Congressional seats with the backing of With Honor, a nonpartisan organization supporting veterans who run for public office. CEO Rye Barcott (MBA 2009), himself a former captain in the Marine Corps, cofounded the effort on the belief that veterans are uniquely qualified for bipartisan work.

State Senate

  • First elected to the Massachusetts State Senate in 2014 and a state representative for five years before that, Jason Lewis (MBA 1995) succeeded in his bid for re-election.

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