01 Nov 2018

Showing Girls the Possibilities

Helping children follow in the footsteps of others


Ann Fudge (MBA 1977) is the former chairman and CEO of marketing giant Young & Rubicam Brands and serves on a number of corporate boards. In this interview, she talks about another, more personal focus of her efforts and energies.

“If I look for the common thread of what's important to me, it's about children and my engagement serving on the board of National Boys and Girls Club, my engagement as a Big Sister working with young girls, and most recently, with Mother Caroline Academy in Dorchester, which is grade four to eight.

“It's so important––and I recognize that now more than ever––that young children, young girls, get exposure to women who are doing so many different things, whether it's in science, whether it's the Librarian of Congress, women in politics, so they can understand what's possible. And that's what is so vitally important to me.

“And I think about legacy. I want to be able to make sure there are generations of young people who have opportunity, and take advantage of that opportunity, and believe in themselves and what they can do. It's really about making a difference, truly making a difference beyond just what you can do for yourself, but more importantly, what you can do for the broader community.”

(Published November 2018)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1977, Section D

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