Manny Ayala (MBA 1992) is managing director of Endeavor Philippines, a branch of the global Endeavor organization, which fights poverty by finding and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs.

“Our mission statement is to create an economic multiplier effect in markets where it’s difficult for small entrepreneurs to become really large and successful,” says Ayala. “The way they create this multiplier effect is by helping scale up a very special kind of entrepreneur that we call the ‘high-impact entrepreneur.’”

Endeavor Philippines has assisted entrepreneurs to found and grow companies that:

  • Allow low-income people across Southeast Asia to have access to money-saving ecommerce and other mobile content.
  • Supply Philippine smallholder cocoa farmers with best-in-industry knowledge, planting materials, fertilizers, and loan products, increasing their average annual income by 300 percent to 600 percent.
  • Give low- and middle-income customers access to low-interest-rate loans by using a predictive algorithm that uses nontraditional data to measures creditworthiness.

“There’s a spectrum of behavior,” says Ayala. “On the one extreme are the givers and on the other extreme are the takers. A taker will try to maximize every encounter for themselves, right? The question they ask is, What’s in it for me? whereas givers will ask the opposite question, How can I help this person? Not for any gain but just because it’s the right thing to do. Givers become successful because of the long tail of good will they created. And the spirit of Endeavor is very much a giver’s spirit.”

(Published October 2018)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1992, Section A

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