01 Nov 2018

A Passion for Organization

A volunteer applies her management skills to helping make others more productive


Cheryl Vance (PLDA 18, 2014) is founder and principal of the VictorLee Group, a management consulting firm in Virginia. In this video, she talks about applying her knowledge of organizations and productivity to her efforts as a volunteer.

“I have spent my career working in nonprofits. During that career, I developed a passion. When you work with a nonprofit, most employees’ passion is for the organization's cause. My passion was for helping the people in the organization. I founded VictorLee with a purpose of helping those other people succeed, and find their passion, and find their career goals.

“I also do a lot of pro-bono consulting work to help others who don’t have the resources or the monetary means to hire an actual consultant. HBS has shared knowledge with me. And I, in turn, want to share that knowledge with those around me in nonprofits who may not be able to have the opportunity to come and learn the things that we have learned here.

“When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, I had previously lived in Houston. For me, that hit pretty close to home. And I still had family back in Houston, and felt the desire and the need to go to Houston.

“I knew that people would immediately jump to try and help Houston, and I decided I would wait till the crowds have died down and go when others may not be going and helping. I partnered with a nonprofit that was working to help gut these homes, and clean them out, and get them ready for FEMA to come in and give them the OK that it was time to rebuild.

(Published November 2018)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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