01 Sep 2018

HBS Alumni Board

Re: B.J. Williams (MBA 2006)

Members of the HBS Alumni Board (photo by Russ Campbell)

The Alumni Board is a diverse group of alumni who keep abreast of new developments at HBS and serve as advocates for alumni engagement with the School. The 85-person board reflects the vibrancy of the HBS community in terms of geography, degree program, industry, age, and experience. As ambassadors, they represent the perspectives and interests of HBS alumni worldwide. Board members serve as a resource to faculty members, staff, and students; provide feedback on new initiatives and opportunities; propose actions to enhance the well-being of alumni, with an emphasis on improving their ongoing education and participation; and communicate to alumni the School’s activities, priorities, and educational resources.

“What I love the most about my HBS experience is that it never ends.”

B.J. Wiley Williams (MBA 2006)


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