01 Sep 2018

HBS Fund Council

Re: Lucinda Bhavsar (MBA 1997); Kelsey DeBriyn (MBA 2013); Nadira Lalji (MBA 2015); Liz Lempres (MBA 1989); Kevin Maroni (MBA 1990); Anand Philip (MBA 2006); Andreas Stavropoulos (MBA 1997); Jay Verjee (MBA 2011); Jim Attwood (MBA 1984); Brent Gledhill (MBA 1997); Ian Highet (MBA 1994); Ian Loring (MBA 1993); Andy Paul (MBA 1983); Bill Shutzer (MBA 1972); Jide Zeitlin (MBA 1987); Eric Zinterhofer (MBA 1998)


The HBS Fund Council was formed in 2016. Its members serve as ambassadors and champions of the HBS Fund with the broader HBS alumni community. These volunteer leaders also advocate and advise on the following priorities:

  • Reunion Giving—Mentor and cultivate class volunteers while assessing ways to leverage the robust culture of reunion giving
  • HBS Fund Investors Society—Grow and retain membership in this annual leadership donor society
  • Recent Graduates—Develop a culture of annual giving and identify emerging leaders among this cohort of alumni
  • International— Increase meaningful opportunities for engagement and support among international alumni


Ashley Garrett (MBA 1987)
Alan K. “A J” Jones (MBA 1987)


Lucinda Heidsieck Bhavsar (MBA 1997)
Kelsey DeBriyn (MBA 2013)
Nadira Lalji (MBA 2015)
Elizabeth C. Lempres (MBA 1989)
Kevin J. Maroni (MBA 1990)
Anand T. Philip (MBA 2006)
Andreas E. Stavropoulos (MBA 1997)
Jehad Verjee (MBA 2011)


James A. Attwood (JD/MBA 1984)
Brent W. Gledhill (MBA 1997)
Ian D. Highet (MBA 1994)
Ian K. Loring (MBA 1993)
Andrew M. Paul (MBA 1983)
William A. Shutzer (MBA 1972)
Jide J. Zeitlin (MBA 1987)
Eric L. Zinterhofer (MBA 1998)

“The impact of annual giving through the HBS Fund cannot be overstated, such as providing need-based fellowships to attract a diverse group of talented students to the MBA Program. With the increasing importance of flexible funding for such priorities, the HBS Fund Council was created to include dedicated alumni leadership in the effort.”

Ashley Garrett and Alan K. “AJ” Jones (both MBA 1987), HBS Fund Co-chairs

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1987, Section F
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Class of MBA 1987, Section F

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