14 Jun 2018

Dhivya Suryadevara Named GM’s Next CFO


Photo courtesy of GM

The CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, recently announced that Dhivya Suryadevara (MBA 2003) will be named CFO. Fortune reported that as vice president of corporate finance, Suryadevara has been instrumental in GM’s divestiture of the German affiliate Opel and in GM’s investment in Lyft.

Furthermore, according to Fortune, when Suryadevara joins the c-suite in September, she will be part of a growing class of female chief financial executives. With 64 CFOs in the Fortune 500, women account for 12.8 percent of all such executives—which is up from 6.8 percent a decade ago.

"While Suryadevara’s appointment highlights one positive development, it also underscores a not-so-great one. In having a woman in the CEO and CFO role, GM will join what is currently a group of one. Among Fortune 500 companies, only Hershey Co. has two women—CEO Michele Buck and CFO Patricia Little—in those positions."


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Featured Alumni

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