15 May 2018

HBS MBA Admissions Shifts to Two Rounds


In a recent post to his “Direct from the Director” blog, HBS Managing Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid Chad Losee (MBA 2013) notes that the MBA application process will now include only two rounds instead of the previous three.

Losee notes that the rationale behind the move was to “make the enrollment experience as smooth as possible for incoming students.”

Getting a decision earlier will give admitted students better access to on-campus housing, more cohort options for HBX CORe, and more time for visa processing. For students admitted in Round 3 in the past, the timing has always been tight. We know it takes a lot to finish up a job and move to a new city (!) and we hope the additional time will be helpful to admits on a number of fronts.

The new Round 1 deadline date for the Class of 2021 is September 5, 2018; Round 2 is January 4, 2019.


Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2013, Section H

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