01 Jun 2018

In Memoriam: Hugo Uyterhoeven


HBS Archives / Baker Library

Hugo E.R. Uyterhoeven (MBA 1957, DBA 1963), an expert on general management and a member of the HBS faculty for more than 50 years, died on January 29. He was 86 years old. Born in the Netherlands in 1931, he experienced all the hardships of World War II, including rationing, bombardments, and Nazi occupation.

Uyterhoeven joined the HBS faculty in 1960; his interests focused on business policy and the role of the middle manager. He taught many courses in the MBA Program, including Management of International Business; Business, Government, and the International Economy; and Industry and Competitive Analysis. Uyterhoeven also taught executives in the School’s Advanced Management Program (AMP), the International Senior Management Program (now part of AMP), and the General Manager Program. He served twice as faculty head of AMP during the 1970s, while also chairing the School’s General Management Unit.

Colleagues also benefited from Uyterhoeven’s well-honed teaching skills, especially the creative teaching plans he devised. HBS senior lecturer Ashish Nanda recalls, “He used to tell me to ‘think of a class as a horse you are riding. The more tightly you pull on the reins, the more the horse will buck. The more you let the reins free and the horse roam, the happier the horse will be and the better your ride.’”

As senior associate dean for External Relations under former Dean John McArthur from 1980 to 1989, Uyterhoeven completely restructured that group’s activities, creating a new focus on development, revamping the class reunion format and establishing corporate relations and public relations efforts. Subsequently, Uyterhoeven took charge of the School’s Executive Education activities and also spearheaded the renovation of a number of campus buildings.

“I worked at Hugo’s side for over 50 years,” McArthur recalls. “During my years as Dean, he was one of just a handful of our colleagues who carried the greatest weight in leading and changing this community and our activities. He was the source of endless ideas for us to improve our campus and everything we do at HBS and around the world. He set the very highest standards for himself and for all the rest of us. Hugo was always a great inspiration, support, and friend during all the years we were together.”


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