20 Mar 2018

Seeing a Way Forward


Daphne Leger (MBA 2012), director of continuous improvement for Mexico-based social enterprise salauno, uses her business savvy to bring affordable eye care to those who most need it.

“I firmly believe that business has a key role to play in solving social problems, and the power of business is that it transforms these problems into opportunities,” Leger says.

Blindness is the second leading cause of disability in Mexico, with more than 2 million people suffering from cataracts, 700,000 of whom are completely blind due to the condition. In addition, 3 percent of Mexicans suffer from glaucoma and 7 percent of diabetics in Mexico are unnecessarily blind.

Since 2011 salauno has treated more than 150,000 patients and performed more than 18,000 surgeries, 40 percent of which were free of charge.

In her role, Leger works to make the for-profit organization’s operations more efficient through strategic planning, allowing salauno to better serve its patients.

“Anytime I am having doubts about the work we are doing, I go downstairs and go into the hospital and am immediately reenergized seeing the impact we have on our patients,” she says.

(Published March 2018)

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