16 Mar 2018

Enabling The Pursuit of Entrepreneurial Dreams


Grace Ng (MBA 2019)

Grace Ng (MBA 2019)

Drawing on her left- and right-brain strengths, Grace Ng (MBA 2019) double-majored in economics and film at Rice University. “That might seem unusual to some, but I found having these two interests perfectly normal,” says the Hong Kong native. After college, she worked in real estate investment banking at Goldman Sachs and then pivoted to the Walt Disney Company and AwesomenessTV, a digital studio that produces original programming for the emerging Generation Z.

Ng knew she wanted to pursue an MBA degree at some point, so when a majority stake in AwesomenessTV was sold to NBCUniversal, the timing was right. “I was wearing many hats at the studio — from business development to finance to marketing and operations. I learned a lot on the job, but thought an HBS education would elevate the leadership and managerial skills in my career,” she says.

Now at HBS, Ng is exploring media investing or starting a media company, furthering an interest that began with documentary filmmaking in college. “I’d love to start a company that utilizes media and technology to change the way people learn,” she explains. Toward that end, Ng participated in HBS’s Startup Bootcamp in January 2018, working with teammates from Thailand and Australia to build a marketing platform connecting brands with influencers. Ng appreciates such opportunities and resources offered by the School, and credits the HBS Fund for Leadership and Innovation fellowship she has received with helping to reduce her financial needs.

“The act of giving to the next generation is a remarkable thing. I’m very thankful for his support, which enables me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams.”


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