13 Mar 2018

Leadership Lessons from the “Lone Survivor” Mission

Former Army helicopter pilot Matthew Brady, founder and CEO of Pershing Barracks Capital, discusses his battlefield experience—and how it shaped his approach to business


In 2007, Navy SEAL Marcus Lutrell wrote a book called Lone Survivor, which recounted his experience during a 2005 mission in Northeastern Afghanistan that ultimately claimed the lives of 19 of his fellow soldiers. It was a bestseller, and in 2014, became a major motion picture starring Mark Wahlberg.

Matt Brady (MBA 2016) lived this mission. As a pilot in an elite Army helicopter unit called the Night Stalkers, he was tasked with delivering Luttrell and three other soldiers to the drop point and sticking around to make sure they found a good place to hide in the mountains. The next day, though, that team was attacked, and here, Brady tells the story of the last-minute decision that kept him from the subsequent, ill-fated rescue mission, the difficult decisions he had to make that day, and the leadership lessons that he took from the experience.

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Featured Alumni

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