Staff volunteers from across HBS pitch in to help sort donations at the Cradles to Crayons warehouse in Brighton

A recent installment of Up Close—which features the day-to-day work of HBS and the people who do it—offers a look at the diverse ways that HBS faculty, staff, and students contribute to the greater good.

The piece details several initiatives, from Senior Lecturer Kevin Mohan’s position as chair of Boys Town to the students who work as mentors at the Gardner Pilot Academy through the Volunteer Corps to the Knowledge and Library Services staff’s work with Community Cooks, Drumlin Farms, and the Greater Boston Food Bank.

According to Gabe Handel, Assistant Dean for Administrative and Educational Affairs, “It speaks volumes about the HBS community that the same spirit of connection and collaboration people feel within the School extends to individuals’ and departments’ engagement with the neighborhood and the city.”

The article also features a collection of staff reflecting on their volunteer experiences, including this thought from Krys Mroczowski, assistant director of the Kraft Precision Medicine Accelerator:

“Being able to interact with the community that surrounds us is a wonderful experience. I get to meet people, hear their stories, and learn from them. I like feeling connected and being able to give back in any way I can. I also get to meet other people from HBS that I might not normally run across, so it helps contribute to camaraderie at work as well. I have volunteered at several places, and each one has been a great experience. I’ve been lucky to work with other HBS staff, such as clothes “shopping,” at the clothing swap, and volunteering at Cradles to Crayons, and I’ve had wonderful face time with people in the Greater Boston area handing out food at the Mobile Food Bank. I have had nothing but positive experiences from my time volunteering. I’ve left each session happy and wanting to do more. If one hour a month can generate that much positivity, imagine what we could do if we all gave a little more. We all have busy lives and hectic schedules, but if we can devote one hour a week to doing something that helps the greater good, we would all be better off.”



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