22 Feb 2018

My First Job

Alumni share stories, strategies, and lessons learned from their first job—from golf club caddy to lobster shack waitress
Re: Danny Biederman (MBA 1977); Janet Clarke (AMP 111); David Binswanger (MBA 1982); Terri Kennedy (MBA 1992); Paul Gilbert (MBA 1992); Susan Pieper (MBA 1992); Ray Liguori (MBA 1987); Lloyd Baroody (MBA 1977); Bruce Lachenauer (MBA 1987)


Everyone remembers their first real job—in part, because it’s everyone’s first experience with a new and foreign world of work. But it’s also because those first jobs can teach us valuable lessons that will stay with us long into our careers. As alumni returned to campus last fall for reunion, we asked them to tell us about their first jobs and what those experiences taught them.

Podcast Transcript


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