Sheila Marmon (MBA 1999) has built her career by breaking down barriers.

The founder and CEO of Mirror Digital, a technology-enabled media and advertising company, Marmon has executed more than 350 interactive campaigns, connecting Fortune 500 brands including Chanel, Universal Pictures, Macy’s, Ford Motor Company, and AT&T to multicultural markets.

“Even though there are so few people in the industry who look like me, I understand that I should belong, I do belong, and that I have an important contribution to make,” she says.

Raised by a single mother in South Central Los Angeles, Marmon was the first in her extended family to attend college. Before starting Mirror Digital, she worked in the media and technology group at Morgan Stanley, executing corporate finance and merger and acquisition transactions, and in strategic planning and development for Time Warner, where she secured a multimillion dollar investment to launch SUEDE, the first fashion-content-platform brand serving multicultural women.

Success at HBS came in and out of the classroom. Mirror Digital got its startup funding from the HBS Angel Investors Association, and today two alums, Tarrus Richardson (MBA 1996) and Denmark West (MBA 1998), serve on its board of directors.

Says Marmon, “I encourage black women, as they contemplate their futures, to pursue their dreams and surround themselves with people who will guide, nurture, and help them realize those aspirations.”

(Published January 2018)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1999, Section D
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