James Cash is the James E. Robison Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus. In this interview, he advocates for patience and understanding in a world of instantaneous media and rapid-fire social and political commentary.

“We all need to understand there are more people working to make this world a better place than there are people that we might see up close at any one point in time that put challenges in front of us that may be very hurtful and very significant, but are actually going to be very short-term in the long scheme of things.

“A lot of people say things out of ignorance and lack of exposure. What you have to do is ignore what they say and watch what they do, because the opposite of that is a lot of people know how to be extremely politically correct and have no positive intent whatsoever.

“So, let's just back away from the need to react to everything that is tweeted, or said, or quickly put out on the media platforms that are out there today. And let's watch what people do. No matter how challenging something appears to be at a point in time, it's just setting the stage for you to be able to appreciate something far more positive.”

(Published January 2018)


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