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What Is Management’s Role in Innovation?

It’s an open question whether management, as currently practiced, contributes much to creativity and innovation, says Professor Emeritus Jim Heskett. What changes will allow managers, particularly in larger organizations, to add value to the creative process? Visit

The Changing Face of American Innovation

Chinese and Indian scientists and engineers have made an unexpectedly large contribution to U.S. technology formation over the last thirty years, according to new research by Assistant Professor William Kerr. But that trend may be ebbing, with potentially harmful effects on future growth in American innovation. Visit item/5799.html.

The Rise of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism — traveling far and wide for health care that is often better and certainly cheaper than at home — appeals to patients with complaints ranging from heart ailments to knee pain. Why is India leading in the globalization of medical services? Q&A with Professor Tarun Khanna. Visit

When Your Product Becomes a Commodity

Like death and taxes, commoditization of your products is a given. Professor John Quelch offers tips for delaying the inevitable and dealing with it once it arrives. Visit


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