26 Jun 2017

Behind the Scenes at an HBS Short Program


Photo courtesy of Seth Rotherham

Ever wonder what it’s like to participate in an HBS Executive Education program, living on campus for a week or more sharing case discussions, living group study sessions, meals, and more with other executives from around the world? South African entrepreneur, marketer, and blogger Seth Rotherham recently participated in the week-long program Launching New Ventures and has written about the experience in his blog (complete with behind-the-scenes photos) and in the latest issue of Fast Company.

“It was truly fascinating to learn about what everyone on the course was doing in business and what new ideas they had,” he writes. “It was equally rewarding and indeed satisfying on the rare occasion to offer advice on a particular issue I might have encountered in business. I quickly realized that possibly the biggest advantage of being at HBS is the networking opportunity. It would be crazy not to meet every single person – and I think I managed to do it too – even shaking hands and swapping cards with a guy when we were checking out. He has a great idea that he wants to bring to South Africa.”

Rotherham also realized the value of taking time for reflection.

“But we weren’t just doing case studies about businesses winning or failing. We discussed dreams and family too,” he says. “Do you want cash or do you want to be king at home? Are you a success if you have billions in the bank but your marriage is over and you spend your life flying from city to city? Harvard Business School doesn’t shy away from that kind of stuff, because it’s necessary. That is why you came here – things need to be thorough – with no stone left unturned.”

Read more about his experience.


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