23 Jun 2017

A 'Pillar' of Entrepreneurship

Startup veteran Russ Wilcox joins “founder-friendly” VC firm


Photo courtesy of Russ Wilcox

Serial entrepreneur Russ Wilcox (MBA 1995), whose ventures have included E-Ink, Transatomic Power and new life sciences startup, Piper Therapeutics, has joined Pillar, the “founder-friendly” Boston-based venture capital firm.

In an interview with VentureFizz, Wilcox discusses the bright future of the Boston startup scene, Pillar’s focus on machine intelligence and healthcare technology, and his own approach to investing.

“Each meeting, I try to envision the founder a few years down the road and see if they could be like the other tech CEOs in town I know who have been highly successful,” says Wilcox. “I’m looking for drive, intelligence, and charisma. I also look for whether or not the person has a streak of humility and a self-awareness of their own limitations, because I don’t think any founder can survive to keep running the pillar company that we want them to build, unless they can change themselves in tandem.”


Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1995, Section B
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