01 Jun 2017

Surveying Students’ Summer Plans

Re: Kenneth Salas (MBA 2015); Sean Salas (MBA 2015)
by Julia Hanna


Summer offers the benefit of long, warm days—and for students, the very real opportunity to consider a potential sector or role for post-HBS plans, sometimes with the support of the HBS Summer Fellows Program. (Last year, 256 students received $1.5 million in funding in areas including social enterprise, entrepreneurship, entertainment and media, and emerging markets.) Here’s a sampling of what a few students from the MBA and Doctoral Programs will be doing.

Paige Sopcic (MBA 2018)
Hometown: Roscoe, Illinois
Destination: GE Ventures, Boston
“I’ll be working with GE’s licensing arm in the area of commercial tech monetization, which includes wearable products in the health care category. The opportunity appealed to me in part because it uses so much of what I learned this year, including term sheets, market evaluation, and what it takes to reach out to new companies. It’s also exciting to be part of GE just as it’s relocating its headquarters to Boston.”


Graham Fairbairn (MBA 2018)
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Destination: General Mills, Minneapolis
“I come from a consumer packaged goods background and have had the privilege of selling some of Australia’s most iconic snack food brands (like Tim Tams), so I was looking for an opportunity to work on strategic brand initiatives with a firm that has similarly beloved products. Also, my wife and I enjoy outdoor activities and have heard that Minneapolis is amazing in summer—so we plan to take advantage of it before the legendary Minnesota winter returns.”


Eduardo Russian (MBA 2018)
Hometown: San Diego, California
Destination: Camino Financial, Los Angeles (Social Enterprise Initiative Summer Fellow)
“A friend who saw similarities between my story and that of Kenneth and Sean Salas (both MBA 2015) pointed me to Camino; I fell in love with their loan programs in the small business community and sent them an email via the alumni directory. I’ll be working with Sean on the next big product for Camino, but I can’t share too many details yet. A big driver of why I wanted to be in LA was to work within my Latino community and get involved with organizations like the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.”


Ryann Manning (PhDOB 2017)
Hometown: Marlborough, New Hampshire
Destination: Toronto
“I’m starting a job as an assistant professor at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, where I’m excited to join a great group in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management area. My husband and I plan to eat our way through the incredible Toronto food scene, in addition to taking our Siberian husky to explore Algonquin Park and some of the other outdoor spots in Ontario.”


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