01 Oct 1996

HBS Alumni Association Board of Directors: President's Report

by Cathy Connett


The September cohort of the Class of 1998 has arrived on campus, and with the new academic year starts a fresh term for the HBSAA Board of Directors. Since the Board represents over 60,000 HBS alumni, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce them and clarify their role.

The HBSAA Board has three primary functions:

  • to represent the issues and concerns of alumni to the School;
  • to work with the School on programs and activities for alumni; and
  • to facilitate communication between the School and its alumni.

To ensure that all constituencies are represented, the Board, in true HBS fashion, is made up of a diverse group of graduates. Twelve members are appointed to the Board each year through a nominating process that starts in the fall and involves input from a variety of sources, including clubs, alumni, fund agents, class secretaries, and the School. (If you are interested in nominating a candidate, please call Christine Fairchild at HBS, 617-495-6437, or send e-mail to cfairchild@hbs.edu.) Candidates should be involved and connected with the School on some level and should be sensitive to issues that concern alumni. They must be willing to serve a three-year term, attend three meetings a year in Boston (as well as the annual Global Alumni Conference), and be an active participant in the Board's activities.

The 1996-97 Board consists of 36 members (not including ex officio): 88 percent are MBA alumni and 12 percent have graduated from the School's executive education programs. All decades from the 1950s through the 1990s are represented, with an especially high concentration of alumni from the 1970s due to interest. Twenty percent of the Board is female, while 17 percent are international representatives hailing from Europe, Canada, and Asia. Thirteen different industries are represented, with a strong contingent from the financial and consulting communities.

In terms of their involvement with the School, current Board members have participated in a number of volunteer capacities (thus the following percentages will total more than 100 percent):
Member of the Board of Directors of the Associates (BDA): 6%
Visiting Committee Member: 3%
Reunion Fund Volunteer: 69%
Reunion Program Volunteer: 32%
Class Fund Agent: 57%
Club Officer: 72%
Class Correspondent/Secretary: 14%

Please feel free to contact the board member in your area (see below) with any feedback, input, or related concerns.

-Cathy Connett
September 1996

HBSAA Board of Directors 1996–97

Catherine A. Connett (MBA '79) St. Paul, MN

Vice Presidents
William M. Folberth III (17th OPM) New York, NY
Deborah C. McLean (MBA '79) Westport, CT
Davey S. Scoon (MBA '73) Boston, MA

Board Members
Stephen Baine (MBA '74) Chicago, IL
Harry J.F. Bloomfield (MBA '71) Montreal, Canada
Robert S. Boyd (MBA '63) Chevy Chase, MD
Edward D. Bullard (MBA '75) Cynthiana, KY
John J. Burns, Jr. (MBA '55) New York, NY
Rena F. Clark (MBA '90) Haverhill, MA
Harold A. Dawson, Jr. (MBA '88) Atlanta, GA
Jean de Demandolx (MBA '67) Paris, France
Harold N. Ehrenstrom (MBA '60) Geneva, Switzerland
James R. Freeman III (MBA '68) Phoenix, AZ
Arnold B. Goldstein (15th OPM) Boston, MA
Susan Luick Good (MBA '71) Cambridge, MA
Judith R. Haberkorn (111th AMP) New York, NY
Edmund A. Hajim (MBA '64) New York, NY
Robert B. Hellman, Jr. (MBA '87) Menlo Park, CA
Clark B. Hinckley (MBA '73) Salt Lake City, UT
Michael V. Jennings (MBA '68) Alexandria, VA
Carol Anne Lee (MBA '87) Vancouver, Canada
Yawand-Wossen Mangasha (MBA '56) London, England
Neil W. McCarthy, Jr. (MBA '79) North Kingsville, OH
Gerard McGrath (MBA '65) New York, NY
Kenzaburo Mogi (MBA '73) Tokyo, Japan
Wilson P. Nolen (MBA '51) New York, NY
Vasil J. Pappas, Jr. (MBA '76) Philadelphia, PA
Robert P. Piccus (MBA '59) Hong Kong
Max Pine (MBA '58) New York, NY
Eileen C. Shapiro (MBA '81) Cambridge, MA
Yusuf H. Shirazi (81st AMP) Karachi, Pakistan
Laurence E. Simmons (MBA '72) Houston, TX
Martin K. Sneider (MBA '68) St. Louis, MO
George G. Strong, Jr. (MBA '71) Los Angeles, CA
Peter A. Weinberg (MBA '83) New York, NY

Ex Officio Members

Immediate Past President
Peter M. Sacerdote (MBA '64) New York, NY

Immediate Past Vice Presidents
Stuart Carr Ferrell (42nd PMD) Greenwich, CT
Charles F. Milner, Jr. (MBA '65) Adamstown, PA
Heiner Thorborg (12th ISMP) Frankfurt, Germany

Chairman, HBS Fund
Thomas C. Theobald (MBA '60) Chicago, IL

President of the HBS Student Association
Ronald P. Mitchell (HBS '97) Boston, MA

Senior Associate Dean, Director of External Relations
Warren McFarlan (MBA '61, DBA '65), Boston, MA

Director of Alumni Relations
Christine Fairchild Boston, MA


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