13 Apr 2017

Navy Destroyer Named After HBS Alumnus

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The United States Navy recently christened its newest guided missile destroyer in honor of an MBA alumnus.

The USS Paul Ignatius was christened April 8 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, in honor of Paul Ignatius (MBA 1947), who served as the secretary of the Navy from 1967 to 1969, as well as assistant secretary of defense for installations and logistics during the Johnson Administration, and a commissioned lieutenant in the Navy during World War II. Admiral John Richardson, chief of naval operations, spoke at the ceremony, while Paul’s wife, Nancy, served as the ship’s sponsor.

It is believed that this marks the first time a Navy vessel has been named in honor of an HBS alumnus. Following his Navy service, Ignatius founded Harbridge House, Inc., a Boston management consulting and research firm. He has two sons: David Ignatius, an author and a columnist for the Washington Post, and Adi Ignatius (AMP 191, 2016), chief editor of Harvard Business Review.

The 509-foot-long Arleigh Burke-class destroyer is the fifth of 14 ships under construction for the Navy. It is equipped with an Aegis Combat System and configured as a Flight IIA destroyer, which feature a lengthened hull and reduced height to accommodate larger air groups. The ship also has mine-hunting capabilities, according to UPI.

In a statement issued ahead of the christening, acting Navy Secretary Sean Stackley said, "When the future USS Paul Ignatius joins the fleet, it will serve for decades as a reminder of Secretary Ignatius's service to our nation as both a naval officer and as the civilian leader of our Navy and Marine Corps."

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