01 Jun 1997

Quick Studies

Six Profiles from the Class of 1997


Photography by Webb Chappell

With Commencement at HBS this month, the MBA Class of 1997 will be leaving Soldiers Field, taking their recently acquired skills and insights with them to new jobs and new adventures. It was another remarkable class, some 850 strong. Among them were members of the School's first-ever January cohort–a group of approximatel 250 students who entered in January 1996 and completed the entire MBA program in eighteen months straight.

In the following pages, the Bulletin profiles six members of the Class of 1997 who demonstrated a flair for leadership, community service, and entrepreneurship at HBS. Their stories–which suggest a diversity of interests and ambitions within their class–convey a sense of the impressive capabilities and intellect the newest Harvard MBAs will bring to bear on the companies, organizations, and enterprises they are about to join.


Access articles here:

Carla E. Small–A Mother's Work
David M. Hughes–Civic Whirlwind
Thomas C. Høegh–All the Worlds's a Stage
Taylor R. M. Keen–Against the Current
Ronald P. Mitchell–Family Values
Jennifer L. Scott–Making It Happen

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