24 Mar 2017

Personalizing the Path to Professional Success for Women


Many women hit a point in their career unsure which path to take or even how to move ahead. Lisa Skeete Tatum (MBA 1998) has designed what she calls the ideal “playbook” with Landit, a technology startup that offers a personalized career platform for professional women.

“Many of us are suffering in silence. We don’t want anyone to know we’re feeling a little less than certain,” says the Landit cofounder and CEO. “There are millions of women who are looking for how they can bring the full measure of their talent and skills to the workplace but still honor what’simportant to them personally.”

The business launched in March 2016 and has found clients among a diverse population of women and companies that cross all industries and geographies, says Skeete Tatum. The platform has a range of offerings from personal brand and network building, skill development, coaching and resume services, and connection to opportunities.

“Our ‘secret sauce’ is the ability to seamlessly knit together the key elements to success that give women what they want, when they need it,” says Skeete Tatum. “This is about knowing what’s possible and giving them a path forward.”

(Published March 2017)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1998, Section E

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