17 Mar 2017

Schwarzman on Blackstone and the Value of an MBA


(via Poets & Quants)

Many b-school students covet a career like the one Steve Schwarzman (MBA 1972) has had. He became a managing director at Lehman Brothers when he was 31. Seven years later, he cofounded Blackstone, an investment firm that he grew from a $400,000 startup to a market leader with $330 billion dollars in assets under management. Along the way, he has emerged as a patron of education, best known for launching the Schwarzman Scholars, an academic and cultural immersion program designed to foster deeper ties between the United States and China.

In a new interview with Poets & Quants, Schwarzman talks about:

  • The team-oriented culture at Blackstone: “We’re not looking for people who want to create more stress with people around them”;
  • The value of an MBA education: “It’s a wonderful laboratory to learn about people, content, and process”;
  • A classic mistake of newly minted MBAs: “They accept too many things. And then they can’t finish them on time and they disappoint the people who asked them to work on those things.”

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