30 Mar 2017

Negotiating Peace in Canada's Largest Rainforest

How Wally Eamer helped end a bitter, decades-long conflict between loggers, environmentalists, government officials, and First Nations


In 2002, Wally Eamer (MBA 1979) took a job that no one really wanted: Trying to broker peace between logging companies, environmentalists, First Nations and the government of British Columbia. These groups had been in conflict over the future of BC’s forests for decades and had grown bitter, and there was little hope of resolution. But within four years, Wally and his fellow negotiators hashed out a tentative way forward, and—a decade later—the agreement was finalized and then celebrated by everyone involved. By the end, the goals had become so universal, negotiators actually switched sides, moving from one stakeholder to another. In Wally’s case, he began the negotiations working for the government, and—by the end—he was working for First Nations.

Bulletin editor and Skydeck host Dan Morrell talked to Wally about his approach to these unique negotiations, why they were so successful in the face of such great odds, and what the experience taught him.


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Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1979, Section B

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