Courtesy American Writer’s Museum; Baker Library, HBS

“Industry at its best is the intersection of science and art,” Polaroid founder Edwin Land wrote more than 50 years ago. On display through July, Baker Library’s “At the Intersection of Science and Art” looks at Land and Polaroid in the 1930s and ’40s, when the iconic company was a risky startup led by an untested entrepreneur.


A “Hack Your Sleep” event offered insights into the science of slumber—a subject unfamiliar to many MBA students. Cosponsored by the student-run HBS Health Care Club, the program featured a talk by Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor Robert Stickgold, who recently published the first scientific study on dreams in 40 years.


Professor Michael Norton interviewed best-selling author Michael Lewis about his latest book, The Undoing Project, a profile of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, the founding fathers of behavioral economics. Their longtime collaboration would eventually affect every field imaginable, but Lewis said the practice of it was less dramatic: “What it was, was two guys who loved each other sitting in a room thinking about some unbelievable, interesting [stuff],” he told the Burden crowd.


The HBS Student Association—headed by its first female copresidents, Libby Leffler and LaToya Marc (both MBA 2017)—offered an unconscious bias training session facilitated by Harvard’s Project Implicit and cosponsored by CVS Health to help students better understand how built-in assumptions impact all aspects of their work and personal life, such as hiring a new employee or choosing a teammate.


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