26 Jan 2017

Creativity and Innovation


Professor Dianne Taylor-Gearing (GMP11, 2011) is president of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. In this video, she talks about how the school encourages students to blend the creative arts with technology as a path to artistic innovation.

“I’m the president of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The arts education part really came along through my own passion and interest in creativity. And I was very interested in working with young people, so teaching was definitely an option for me.

“We believe that creativity enables innovation. We take an interdisciplinary approach, so as technology has emerged, we find that our students are coming with that background in technology. Therefore, what they’re doing within the university is exploring their creativity, and the technology is enabling more of that interdisciplinary work.

“What I’ve been able to bring forward is strong leadership with a vision. I’m bold, I’m prepared to take some difficult decisions, and have done. But I also have a great empathy, coming from an art/design background. I understand the studio practice, I understand the faculty. And I’m also very committed to team-building; working together to make a significant difference.”

(Published January 2017)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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