10 Jan 2017

Sir David Clementi Named BBC Chairman


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Sir David Clementi (MBA 1975), former deputy governor of the Bank of England and former chairman of Prudential, has been confirmed as the next chairman of the BBC.

Clementi led a review of the BBC’s operations last year, which included his recommendation that the broadcaster be run by an external board rather than the BBC Trust, which currently governs the organization.

Analysis from a BBC media editor notes some of the challenges Clementi will face in the new role:

Foremost is funding. The BBC needs to find hundreds of millions in savings now that it is paying for TV licences for over-75s.

In news, the BBC has to innovate to meet the digital demands of a new generation of consumers.

And in entertainment, where it has long been used to being the biggest beast in the jungle, there are new predators such as Netflix and Amazon Prime stalking the undergrowth.

Next up for Clementi, reports Variety: A pre-appointment hearing before Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee on January 17.

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Featured Alumni

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