10 Jan 2017

Street Smarts


The next time you get to work on time or find a parking spot with ease, you may have Bryan Mistele (MBA 1995) to thank. Since 2005, his company, INRIX, has been working to cure one of modern society’s biggest headaches—traffic congestion. The “connected car” is the centerpiece of INRIX’s solutions.

“Today, the car is a mobile computing platform,” says Mistele. “We pull information from various sensors in real time and create services around it.”

For example, INRIX uses machine learning to provide customized daily routing advice based on your prior driving patterns, calendar, and contact list. Its technology can also alert colleagues that you’re running late for a meeting, steer you to gas stations with the best prices, and find and pre-pay for a convenient parking spot—all while you’re on the go.

To help roadways flow more smoothly, INRIX also provides traffic data to more than 200 government agencies in 40 states and 60 countries worldwide.

“Cities can make improvements without making a big investment by using data and being smarter,” says Mistele. “Data by itself doesn’t fix things, but it can tell you where you should invest.”

(Published January 2017)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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