01 Jan 2017

Sphere of Influence

At Womensphere, creating a network of change


Photo by Philippine Daily Inquirer

Analisa Balares (MBA 2005) was born into a poor family, but her life path crossed different strata of Philippine society, from the ultra-wealthy to the urban poor. A student leader from the age of 13, she represented her high school at science fairs in Singapore and Thailand and eventually received scholarships to study in Canada and the United States. Recently named a “Global Visionary” by the Swiss bank UBS, Balares is founder and CEO of Womensphere Foundation, a nonprofit that supports women’s advancement in leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship through a global network of incubators that offer training, education, and networking opportunities to women of all backgrounds and social classes.

“For a program to succeed, it needs to be integrated—through partnerships—into local communities and within institutions where women are learning and working,” Balares told the Philippine Daily Inquirer, citing the importance of mentoring and role models in her own life. Launched in 2008, Womensphere has trained more than 5,000 emerging women leaders, with plans to reach many more through its digital strategy.


Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2005, Section H
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