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Rob Biederman (MBA 2014) and his fellow HBS cofounders didn’t have any tech experience when they launched the online freelance marketplace HourlyNerd. Three years later the company, now known as Catalant, has a global network of more than 27,000 expert freelancers working on projects for companies such as GE and Pfizer.

“You’re hardly alone,” Catalant co-CEO Biederman tells would-be entrepreneurs with tech dreams in a commentary for Fortune. “We’re living proof that you can start a tech company with zero tech experience.”

Biederman offers three tips for people willing to take on the challenge:

  1. Make sure your concept works offline first.
  2. Outsource coding in the beginning—but not for too long.
  3. Don’t box yourself in with technology that won’t evolve.


Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2014, Section F
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