01 Dec 2016

Recent HBS Campaign Regional Event & Alumni Gatherings

Re: Noel Desautels (MBA 1986); Bob Gibb (MBA 1970); Robin Kovitz (MBA 2007); Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien (MBA 1954); Nanon Beaubien-Mattrick (MBA 1991); Francois de Gaspe Beaubien (MBA 1989); Patrick Goldrick (MBA 2013); Ariel Avila (MBA 2014); Erin Miller (MBA 2013)

1–4 The HBS Campaign Toronto Regional Event was held at the Ritz-Carlton, Toronto, in September:
1 Alumni and guests at the reception.
2 Noel Desautels (MBA 1986) with Sally and Bob Gibb (MBA 1970).
3 Robin Kovitz (MBA 2007).
4 Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien II (MBA 1954), Nan-b de Gaspé Beaubien, Nanon de Gaspé Beaubien-Mattrick (MBA 1991), and François de Gaspé Beaubien (MBA 1989).
5 Patrick Goldrick (MBA 2013), Ariel Avila (MBA 2014), and Erin Miller (MBA 2013) at the Chicago Young Alumni Event held in October at the SPiN Ping Pong Social Club.
6 General Management Program (GMP) alumni gathered at a reception as part of Executive Education’s Global Alumni Leadership Summit, held on the HBS campus in August.

To learn more about upcoming events and see photos from past events, please visit alumni.hbs.edu/events


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