01 Dec 2016

Room to Write

Alumni share snapshots of the spaces that inspire them
Re: Thomas Tuke-Hastings (AMP 189); Barbara Keck (MBA 1976); Nidhi Dalmia (OPM 22); Keith Wright (PMD 67); Alicia Whitaker (MBA 1979)


Edited by April White; photos courtesy of the authors

“A lot of my book was written on the Notes function of my phone while commuting in London. The ideas flow easily wherever I am, but I need a bit more quiet to bring it all together.”
Tom Tuke-Hastings (AMP 189, 2015), It’s All About the Idea

“I usually write in our large drawing room in New Delhi with its blue Venetian chandeliers. It overlooks the green lawn of the back garden.”
Nidhi Dalmia (OPM 22, 1995), Harp

“Though I have a much larger workspace in my home in Maryland, this little cubby has become my favorite writing spot. It has a window that looks out into the woods.”
Keith D. Wright Sr. (PMD 67, 1994), Spiritual Oars for Dark Waters

“During the cold months when I reside in San Francisco, I write at a favorite coffee shop. My first draft is always handwritten.”
Barbara Keck (MBA 1976), Wineries of the Sierra Foothills: Risk-Takers & Rule-Breakers

“When I’m in New York City, I write at my old mahogany dining table, facing the Empire State Building.”
Alicia Whitaker (MBA 1979), Sidewalk Gardens of New York

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