04 Nov 2016

No Grand Plan, but a Clear Mission

Instagram’s COO “meanders with purpose”


(photo by Louise Kennerley)

Marne Levine’s (MBA 2005) resume includes stints at the US Department of Treasury, Harvard University, and Facebook, where she served as VP of global public policy. “I’ve been in each place for some period of time, but I haven’t necessarily been that person who has had it all planned out from the beginning,” Levine recently told The Australian Financial Review. Last year, Levine moved over to Instagram to serve as COO of the photo- and video-sharing social media site that Facebook acquired in 2012.

“I went into politics and government because you’re really mission-driven in terms of using government to help improve the lives of as many people as possible,” she said. “What attracted me to Facebook and Instagram was the same thing, the mission of connecting the world.” Instagram currently has an estimated 500 million users, 80 percent of whom live outside the United States. “The power of images transcends borders, generations, cultures and languages and it really brings people together,” Levine added.

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Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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