30 Sep 2016

Competing Against Luck

In Skydeck, the new HBS alumni podcast series, Professor Clay Christensen reveals how his business theory has affected his home life


Professor Clay Christensen (MBA 1979, DBA 1992) has written several influential business books, including The Innovator’s Dilemma—which introduced his theory of disruptive innovation and has become part of the modern business canon. His latest book, Competing Against Luck, argues that understanding customers’ motivations—what role consumers are buying a product to fill—can help managers take the guesswork out of innovation. Bulletin editor Dan Morrell talks to Christensen about the theory at the heart of his new book and how it has affected not only how he thinks about business, but how he thinks about his family.

Podcast Transcript


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Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 1979, Section C

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