21 Sep 2016

Accelerating Change on Medicine’s Final Frontier


Frustrated by the slow pace and poor success rate of entrepreneurial startups bringing innovation from bench to bedside in his field, Jordan Amadio (MD/MBA 2010) and two partners founded NeuroLaunch, the world’s first neuroscience-focused accelerator, to help fast-track new treatments and technologies.

“Innovation should be part of the mission of every physician,” says Amadio, currently chief resident in the neurological surgery residency program at Emory University, in Atlanta. “We have been at the medical game for several thousand years, and we still have so much to learn. Every physician has the responsibility to push the field forward.”

To date, NeuroLaunch has worked with 11 startups and is currently assembling a new group of applicants for its 90-day curated program, which focuses on product development, operations, clinical and regulatory affairs, and business development. Offices have opened in Boston and San Francisco, and now the company is raising additional capital to further expand its operations. Amadio wants to franchise the NeuroLaunch model worldwide, and he’s already in talks with groups in London, Singapore, and Israel.

“We’re helping the whole spectrum of neuroscience entrepreneurs capture the value around their ideas,” Amadio says. “I believe very strongly that we’re starting a movement. Neuroscience is medicine’s final frontier, and the 21st century will be the century of neuroscience.”

(Published September 2016)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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