19 Sep 2016

Crafting Success

Cobra Beer’s founder on business as a creative force


Photo by Jason Alden

Like so many entrepreneurs before him, Karan Bilimoria (PPL 2011) started Cobra Beer to fill a need: “I hated fizzy lagers,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Some ales were quite pleasant, but far too heavy and bitter to enjoy with a meal. I wanted to create a beer that had a smoothness and a good, distinctive taste that would work well with food.” He founded Cobra in 1989, going door-to-door to introduce stores and restaurants to the brand and somehow turning “noes” into “yesses.” The first five years were the hardest: “...[T]here was this credibility gap between what we felt we could achieve and what other people could see we had created so far,” he explains.

In a frank Q & A, Bilimoria talks about the company’s beginnings, affirms his lifelong commitment to education, offers top tips for entrepreneurs, and reflects on the creativity of business.


Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of PPL 2011

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