01 Sep 2016

Events Around the World

HBS Campaign Regional Events & Alumni Gatherings
Re: Eddy Pirard (MBA 1991); Philippe Sereys de Rothschild (MBA 1991); Gregory Salinger (MBA 1991); Vera Makarov (MBA 2010); Felipe Ortiz-Monasterio (MBA 1977); Federico Barcena-Mastretta (MBA 1996); Mustafa Aysan (MBA 1959); Isik Asur (MBA 1997); Husnu Ozyegin (MBA 1969); Mohammed Al-Faisal (MBA 1996); Tarek Sakka (MBA 1994); John Hess (MBA 1977); Bob Kraft (MBA 1965); Jonathan Kraft (MBA 1990); Anne Griffin (MBA 1997); Andre Jakurski (MBA 1973); Mickey Mikitani (MBA 1993); Nitin Nohria

1 PARIS: Eddy Pirard (MBA 1991), Philippe Sereys de Rothschild (MBA 1991), Paula Zazadze Arrigo (MBA 1990), and Gregory Salinger (MBA 1991) at the Campaign’s Paris Regional Event at the Pavillon Gabriel in May 2015.
2 MEXICO CITY: Vera Makarov (MBA 2010), Felipe Ortiz-Monasterio (MBA 1977), and Federico Barcena-Mastretta (MBA 1996) at the Campaign’s Mexico City Regional Event in February 2016.
3 ISTANBUL: Mustafa Aysan (MBA 1959), Işik Keçeci Aşur (MBA 1997), and Hüsnü Özyeğin (MBA 1969) at the Campaign’s Istanbul Regional Event in March 2016.
4 DUBAI: Mohammed Al-Faisal (MBA 1996) and Tarek Sakka (MBA 1994) at the Campaign’s Dubai Regional Event in March 2016.
5 BOSTON: Campaign Chair John Hess (MBA 1977), Robert Kraft (MBA 1965), Jonathan Kraft (MBA 1990), and Dean Nohria at the Campaign’s Inaugural Event on campus in April 2014.
6 CHICAGO: Anne Dias Griffin (MBA 1997) delivered remarks at the Campaign’s Chicago Regional Event in September 2014.
7 NEW YORK CITY: Alumni and their guests mingled outside of the Starr Theater, located in the Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, as part of the Campaign’s New York Regional Event in November 2014.
8 DALLAS: Guests gathered at the Campaign’s Dallas Regional Event, held at the George W. Bush Institute in March 2015.
9 SÃO PAULO: André Jakurski (MBA 1973) spoke at the Campaign’s São Paulo Regional Event in August 2015.
10 SAN FRANCISCO: The fall 2015 San Francisco Young Alumni Networking Event was cohosted by the HBS Association of Northern California at ThirstyBear Brewing Company.
11 TOKYO: Hiroshi Mikitani (MBA 1993) at the Campaign’s Tokyo Regional Event in January 2015.

To see more photos from past Campaign events, please visit alumni.hbs.edu/CampaignPhotos.


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