25 Aug 2016

Announcing the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

Michael R. Bloomberg (MBA 1966)

File photo by Jon Chase - Harvard Staff Photographer

Bloomberg Philanthropies and Harvard University have announced the launch of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. Funded by a $32 million gift from Michael R. Bloomberg (MBA 1966) and administered through Harvard, the initiative will equip city leaders with the tools, skills, and support increasingly required to tackle the complex leadership and management challenges faced in governing cities around the globe.

The initiative will create extensive collaboration between Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education programs, bringing together Harvard University’s preeminent array of scholars, and integrating the governance ideas, management tools, and leadership techniques each school has to offer.

Writing in the Boston Globe, Bloomberg and University President Drew Faust explained, “Issues that people care deeply about—their safety, their job prospects, their health, their schools, and their pocketbooks—are often shaped largely by local policies. As more and more people around the world live in cities—nearly two in three Americans already do—how well cities are run will affect the future of the planet in profound ways.”

Within the next four years, as many as 300 mayors and 400 top mayoral aides will participate in the initiative’s executive training programs. This ambitious effort will generate the world’s largest hub of new and customized curriculum, instructional and technology tools—most of which will be made freely available to the world—and cases focused on innovative city leadership. The initiative will also create student internships in mayors’ offices, on-demand programming for participating cities, significant new research on innovative city government, and an executive coaching program through which successful mayors mentor newcomers.

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