01 Sep 2016


Reader feedback from the June issue
Re: Fred Marshall (MBA 1931); Ian Carson (OPM 42); Peter Cummings (OPM 13); Lenann McGookey Gardner (MBA 1976); Eli Hacohen (AMP 155); Clayton Christensen


June 2016 (Cover illustration by Victo Ngai)

Our new podcast

Not everything we learn as we’re assembling the Bulletin makes it into print. Our alumni interview subjects often have more to say—additional perspectives or personal observations that deserve to be heard but just don’t fit on the page. Our new alumni podcast series, Skydeck, will be the place for that. Beginning this month, we will give listeners deeper insights into their fellow alumni—not just their careers, but how they live their lives. Our inaugural episodes feature one-on-one conversations with three alumni featured in this issue: A talk with Clay Christensen about how his business theory has affected his home life, Jennifer Raiser on the business of Burning Man, and Bill Tai on his accidental ascent to kiteboarding entreprenuer. You can subscribe to Skydeck or listen at alumni.hbs.edu/podcast. And be sure to let us know what you think at bulletin@hbs.edu.


Second That

Re: Alumni Achievement Awards

Alan [Horn (MBA 1971)], what a great success story. It certainly isn’t a surprise; you showed great leadership ability while we were in school.
Fred Marshall (MBA 1971) via alumni.hbs.edu


Waste Not

Re: Ian Carson (OPM 42, 2012)

Photo by Lisa Saad

It is not often that one can actually improve the quality of life for those in need. But SecondBite does that and more. Well done, Ian.
Leon Zwier via alumni.hbs.edu


Motor City Momentum

Re: Peter Cummings (OPM 13, 1988)

[I’m] so happy to read of these efforts to move Detroit forward. Having grown up and gone to college in northwest Ohio, Detroit was a magnet for us. I want to see it thrive.
Lenann Gardner (MBA 1976) via alumni.hbs.edu

Detroit needs people like Peter Cummings to inject new blood into the city. I would be glad to help with this project.
Elhanan Hacohen (AMP 155, 1998) via alumni.hbs.edu


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