26 Sep 2016

Schools for the Future


Sunil B. Mittal (OPM 27, 1999) is founder and chairman of Bharti Enterprises and is a 2016 recipient of an HBS Alumni Achievement Award. In this video, he talks about building schools to improve the lives of thousands of children and families.

“Everybody builds their business to have returns and make profits. But if it can impact the society in a dramatic way, I think it gives you a different level of pleasure.

“I think it’s over 10 years now [since] we took the decision, ‘let’s do something which will make a difference.’ So we ran it like a corporation. Today, we have 265 schools, 50,000 children. These children are going to change the lives of so many, and 100,000 children mean at least 500,000 family members get directly impacted, one way or the other.

“People are coming and joining this movement. So we started to build the secondary schools, and now we’ve started to think about a university.

“Right from cradle to their graduation, we will hopefully have 100,000 children all the time.”

(Published September 2016)

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of OPM 27

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