01 Aug 2016

Leading the Way for Dallas Arts Community


Photo by Jill Broussard

When HBS Leadership Fellow Jennifer Scripps (MBA 2005) left HBS for a job as director of special projects at Lincoln Center in New York City, little did she know that her career trail would eventually point back to her hometown of Dallas, Texas. In 2007, she accepted a job to lead the development of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

“The decision was you can continue to have an impact on a huge beast, or you can come back to Dallas and have a bigger role on a smaller team,” she told D Magazine recently.

Now Scripps has taken another step, accepting a long-vacant position as director of the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

“There will be a strategic plan process,” she said of her first moves in office. “How do we structure conversations around what small groups and artists need? What do the larger groups need, the more mature institutions who often think that working with the city is not worth the effort? I think artists haven’t always felt like they have had a seat at the table, and I think me setting the tone up front of ‘talk to me’ is going to be really important.”


Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Class of MBA 2005, Section C

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